September 5, 2020

For about 10 years now we have been using Sambucol. I don't remember where we learned about it, but we really like it. It was developed by a renowned virologist, and it is Kosher and gluten-free. At first we began to use it when we felt like we are going to catch something and would take it before going to bed. The next morning we would feel good. If we did not really feel good the next day, we continued taking it for as much as four times a day, 2 teaspoons at a time, and it wasn't long before we did feel good. It is a syrup flavored with black elderberry. The literature on the box it comes in says that it is a good support for the immune system and that it has been scientifically tested. You can get more information about it at

Because we are 90 years old and have little immunity at our age, we take 2 teaspoons of Sambucol every morning with breakfast and just before we go to bed at night.

There is more information about things that we take in my husband's book, AGEING FROM 60 TO 90: WHAT I LEARNED MAY HELP YOU!

 Fred's new book, Ageing from 60 to 90: What I Learned May Help YOU! will be free on Amazon Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Oct 13 to 15. Just put Frederic Henney in the search box on the opening Amazon page and click on search, and his book will pop right up. You'll be amazed at the amount of information it has in it.

December 18, 2019

For the last few years we have been putting our coffee grounds on our azaleas to see if that might be good as fertilizer.   It has worked very well for all types of azaleas, and we have at least a dozen of them.

December 18, 2019

UPDATE:  For years my husband had some of his socks eaten by the drier, and they never turned up. In desperation, he began to safety pin his socks together at the top with 1/2 inch safety pins, and was happy that he never lost a sock.  Now he puts his unpinned socks in a sock bag that I have used for my short silk stockings for a long time. I wash his and mine together and dry them together in the dryer. He is a happy man.

November 25, 2019

  I have been having muscle pains in my calves lately, and though my husband has been making sure that I am taking magnesium, I was still having pains.  Then we saw an item in the regular newspaper column  People's Pharmacy by Joe Graedon and Teresa Graedon. the item told of a woman who, driving on a long auto trip, had been suffering terrible leg cramps and remembered seeing a similar item by the Graedons that told of someone who found relief from leg pain by putting a bar of soap under the bottom bed sheet. She stopped at an auto parts store and bought some hand soap and rubbed it on her aching muscles and in about two minutes her pain disappeared.

My husband took a bar of soap that night while my muscles were  aching and rubbed it on my calves and the pain disappeared immediately! The next night I put a bar of soap under the bottom sheet of our bed, made sure it was next to one of my legs and felt no pain all night. I continue to keep that bar of soap under my sheet and I have had no muscle pain since.  I do not understand why that works, but it does work, and that's all I care about.  It works!


February 23, 2019

My husbnd and I are senior citizens but we have no arthritis pain although I am sure that we have arthritis.  We have discovered that the dried tart Montmorency cherries that we buy at Trader Joe's stop arthritis pain.  I don't remember where we learned about the tart cherries but I think it was from The People's Pharmacy column in our newspaper several years ago. 

I do remember that we tried grapes soaked in gin (I think!) and something else that I do not remember but which may have involved pectin. Neither of those things worked for us We never took aspirin or other pills; we try to avoid pills as much as possible.  But when we tried dried tart cherries we had no arthritis pain.

We had been taking them for several months and then in January, I don't know why, we just forgot, and in a couple of weeks my husband noticed that he could not pick up his morning cup of coffee because of pain in his thumb joint. It took him a while to figure out that we had not been eating our usual ten dried tart cherries at breakfast.

Occasionally I tell my husband that I have pain in one of my hip joints, and he immediately asks if I have forgoten to take the cherries.  He's always right about that, and it only takes a day or so for the pain to go away.

We have told a number of our friends and acquaintances about them, and those who try them always say that the cherries stop the pain.  Just the other day someone in our yoga class asked for the information about the cherries that they had heard about but didn't know where to find them.

Actually, we have learned that dark cherrries also lessen arthritis pain.  And tart cherry juice, about two ounces of it, is the same as ten cherries for us.

     More interesting stuff next time!

March 5, 2018

   We have big, decorative flower pots in the patio behind our house. For years we bought flower plants and put them in the pots so that we could enjoy the flowers all summer.

   When we went on trips away for several weeks, we had a terrible time figuring how to keep those plants watered while we were gone.  Our attempts at rigging up hoses and drip lines just never worked out as well as we hoped they would.

   Last spring, my husband, while we were shopping in a store that carried plastic flowers as well as many other artsy things, thought that we ought to try placing long-stemmed fake flowers in the pots. We were quite aware that the sun would fade them, but over the winter, the flowers still look very cheery, and the fading has been minimal, much to our surprise.

   Actually, we'll only need to replace a few of the flowers that we bought last year!

The following was published here in October of last year.  The font was too small, and I could not enlarge it, so here it is in a more readable font.

   A couple of years ago, my husband got fed up with finding only one sock of a pair when I took the laundry out of the dryer and put it on our bed for sorting. He already had a bunch of single socks with no mates held together with a rubber band in hopes of finding missing sock mates.  He decided that he would use the little half inch safety pins that we had been collecting from the tags put on items that had been dry cleaned and pin the dirty pairs of socks together before putting them in the washing machine.

   It worked.  He has not had any missing socks since he began using his sock saver method.  But, in spite of checking sheets and pajamas, etc., he still has that bunch of single socks held together with a rubber band.  Neither one of us can figure out where those missing socks could be!

October 12, 2020

Earlier this year my husband read that cat purring can help heal broken bones. He also read that a cat's purr can be very soothing. He looked up "cat purr" on the Internet and found a website that let him listen to cat purrs. About two weeks ago he again looked up cat purr and found dozens of sites offering cat purrs. It might be both interesting and amusing for you to look up the same things on the Internet.

This year we have been having a problem with what look like large roaches, but are actually a water bug. That is, these are large bugs that look like roaches but actually like water. They are awful looking and we don't know where they came from, but we are actually finally getting rid of them by putting roach traps all over the place. We also learned that a little spray bottle with a mixture of soap and water really helps destroy these critters when you spray them with this mixture. When these big bugs are healthy they can surely run fast, and they can be hard to get at with a flyswatter. And the soap and water spray bottle can get them when you don't want to hit something that might break, on the kitchen counter. 

Because we don't like having any kind of an insect spray in the house, we had a company spray all around the outside of the house for what I thought was a lot of money. That didn't work at all. We bought a couple of things that we plugged into wall outlets for the purpose of using extremely high frequency noise to drive roaches out of the house. We think they worked to some extent because we did find these huge water bugs cowering in places that were relatively sound free. We actually found several that dug into our bag of kitty litter to get away from noise, and wound up getting dehydrated and dying. And we bought some boxes that attract roaches into them so that the roaches walk on poison and take it back to their nests. Those seem to work pretty well because we've been finding these big water bugs nearly dead here and there around the house, and we swat them or spray them with soap and water and dispose of them. My husband thinks that we are winning the battle. I surely hope so.

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