Gee, I cannot believe that it has been so long since I last wrote in my Blog here. Before any more commentary, I would like to say that this day of remembrance is very important; the men and women who have given their lives for our country should always be honored for their gift to America.  We have a lot to thank them for.

  The weeks and months seem to just fly by, and a great many things have happened in my family during that time, but I won't dwell on those things.  

   I thought I had lost a number of chapters of a new novel, a sequel to my Hellfire and Snowdrops that I published in Kindle in 2013 and in paperback in 2015. My old computer crashed last September.  There was no way my husband could get it started and it sat in a corner of our study.  The thumb drive and the SD chip and the DVD on which copies of the novel had been saved were trashed, too. My husband and I felt sick about the loss.  It is very difficult to try to rewrite so many chapters. We mentioned it to our son-in-law this spring, and he suggested the it would be worthwhile to plug it in and try to revive it. Wow. My hubby plugged it in and pressed the start button expecting nothing, but miracle of miracles, the computer came on. Another thumb drive and a DVD got trashed while attempting to download the badly needed file.  Then, my husband searched on the internet for "how to tansfer files from one computer to another without using a thumb drive or DVD." He found that there is such a thing as a transfer cable!  Our local BestBuy had one and the rest is history.  I was overjoyed and am in the process of completing the sequel to Hellfire, titled Tomorrow.

   When I get weary of  pushing my brain to be creative, I read novels not only to rest my mind but also to find new ideas in other writer's books. I've been reading some of David Baldacci's.  He is good and his novel The Target is a real page turner, and the way he writes has given me some ideas about how I can develop my own novels.

     By the way, I have put the first two chapters of my upcoming novel Rough Edges, due out this summer in Kindle, in the BOOK EXCERPTS section of this website. I would very much appreciate it if you would read the chapters and then send your comments and ideas to me at   Caroleesbooks@gmail.com  I am considering putting the names of those whose ideas I use in the acknowledgements section of that book, with permission, of course

   And here is something you might enjoy discovering.  I'll bet some of you alreaady know this. What was Civil War General Sherman's middle name?  Give yourself an extra pat on the back if you know something about what his middle name refers to.

    I would truly love to hear from you.


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03.05 | 00:10

Hi Carolee. My name is Jeff. I am Diana Schultheis husband. She is back in Pittsburgh PA. taking care of her mom. Will contact you on the 13th.

30.04 | 21:13

Thank you, Diana. Please tell me about your idea.

Hope to see you in a few weeks.

24.04 | 03:53

I just love your Bio Carolee. I had wanted to one day write myself but days and years go by and the world too fast. I would like to give an idea.

02.12 | 22:20

Love the blog Grandma. Miss you