Hi, I hope you are doing well. I'm feeling pretty good.  I am almost finished with my new novel. I have tentatively titled it Rough Edges. Even though I have almost finished writing it, a lot of work needs to be done on it before it can be published.  My hubby, Fred, will first read through it very slowly and carefully, correcting spelling and punctuation and looking for trite phrases and poor wording.  Then he'll read the story again checking that my style is consistent from beginning to end, and that such things as eye and hair color, etc., are consistent all the way through. Then he'll read it carefully to find out whether I have kept the story interesting and suspenseful, and we'll discuss parts that need rewriting. This process will be repeated several times. A single review is just not enough. When we think it has been polished, we will make copies and give them to friends and family for commentary, and put it in for review by CreateSpace followers.  After our review of commentary and reader reviews, we'll make changes as necessary, and Fred will go over it again carefully several times looking for errors and omissions that may have been missed. I am much happier writing children's stories than novels!

Good news! My five-star rated children's book will be available in paperback on Amazon in a week or so.  I am really excited about that.

Also, I have a very interesting blog by Catherine Ryan Howard for you to look at.  Her blog is called "Catherine Caffeinated," and  she writes more regularly than I do, so you may want to ask her to put you on her mailing list.  Here is the address of her blogsite.


Fred, my husband, is working hard to put The Escape: Naughty Bluejay and Woodpecker and Tac and Tuk (about some cute groundsquirrels who rescue a trapped Canada Goose) into paperback editions on Amazon in May, so please keep an eye out for them.  They are already on Kindle, but will look much better in print.  As soon as he gets those into paperback, he will do the same for my very first book which we published in 1992: Calbert and His Adventures.  We had very good sales from that one, and it was in almost all the local elementary school libraries, but distribution beyond our local area was really impossible.  I was on local TV, and local TV in Bowie, MD, as well as in local newspapers. Being able to publish on Kindle and CreateSpace (which, incidentally, you can do at no cost --more about that on my next blogpost) and have distribution in many countries is absolutely marvelous.

Stay healthy and safe, and I'll write again, sooner.


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03.05 | 00:10

Hi Carolee. My name is Jeff. I am Diana Schultheis husband. She is back in Pittsburgh PA. taking care of her mom. Will contact you on the 13th.

30.04 | 21:13

Thank you, Diana. Please tell me about your idea.

Hope to see you in a few weeks.

24.04 | 03:53

I just love your Bio Carolee. I had wanted to one day write myself but days and years go by and the world too fast. I would like to give an idea.

02.12 | 22:20

Love the blog Grandma. Miss you