Hello out there, Hope everyone has enjoyed the few warm days recently. I know I have ! It's hard to believe that summer will be here in a few months and we'll all probably be fussing about the heat then! C'est la vie. I am trying to finish my second novel before swimming time comes around. It's hard because radiation left me feeling very tired. I manage a few chapters a week, which is rather slow for me. Have you read my first novel yet, Hellfire and Snowdrops? Several people have said they would like to see a continuation in a second novel about what happened to Alexis and others. However, I am anxious to get back to my children's books. Anyone have any ideas about what you would like to read  to your children? I am planning another cat book and a sequel to my first-ever book, Calbert and his Adventures.  Check out The Escape. It's  a cute story about two birds that escape from an aviary and their adventures outside. Tac and Tuk is a story about two little ground squirrels that rescue a wounded Canada Goose and nurse her to health again. That is also a story children will love. All are on the amazon website. Would love to hear from you .  

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03.05 | 00:10

Hi Carolee. My name is Jeff. I am Diana Schultheis husband. She is back in Pittsburgh PA. taking care of her mom. Will contact you on the 13th.

30.04 | 21:13

Thank you, Diana. Please tell me about your idea.

Hope to see you in a few weeks.

24.04 | 03:53

I just love your Bio Carolee. I had wanted to one day write myself but days and years go by and the world too fast. I would like to give an idea.

02.12 | 22:20

Love the blog Grandma. Miss you