Hey out there, are you as happy as I am to see the sunshine? I will say the rain has made everything green and pretty.  My cats are having a great time running from window to window looking at the squirrels and birds. They are house kitties and don't go outside, but they seem to like it. I love having the birds hopping around outside for me to watch and it wouldn't be that way if my cats were outdoor animals. So all of us are happy! My youngest cat occasionally catches a spider or bug that has squeezed under the door and he acts like he has a treasure! He won't let me have it . . . not that I really want it! When I see him licking his mouth and washing his face, I know the bug is gone! Cats are joyful !

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03.05 | 00:10

Hi Carolee. My name is Jeff. I am Diana Schultheis husband. She is back in Pittsburgh PA. taking care of her mom. Will contact you on the 13th.

30.04 | 21:13

Thank you, Diana. Please tell me about your idea.

Hope to see you in a few weeks.

24.04 | 03:53

I just love your Bio Carolee. I had wanted to one day write myself but days and years go by and the world too fast. I would like to give an idea.

02.12 | 22:20

Love the blog Grandma. Miss you